Reaching Your Target Market Online

Building a business in a digital world

Around 40% of the world’s population has access to the internet with China, India, and the United States being the top three countries with the highest number of internet users. At any given time there are more than 3 billion global internets users accessing numerous websites, social media pages, mobile applications, watching videos, communicating and much more.

According to Forrester’s Research, about 190 million U.S consumers shop online and 44% of smartphone owners have made or make purchases using their smartphone device. Analysts expect the number of mobile shoppers to continue to increase as more than half of the world will have access to the internet via their smartphone.

The evolution of globalization and technology has led and enabled millions of business to purchase domain names, build e-commerce websites, and invest in digital marketing campaigns to generate online revenue. 

Optimizing your website for mobile search

It is essential to the success of any company to not only have a website but to have a mobile friendly website. A mobile friendly website is a website that is fully functional with a smartphone and tablet. Thus the website visitor is able to access your website using their smartphone and access links, watch videos and flow through the website as if or similar to the user using a desktop computer.

Top 3 Benefits of having a mobile optimized website

  1. Your customers can access your website at any time and at any place in the world
  2. Your customers are not restricted as to where they can make purchase
  3. Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors

Digital Marketing

Reaching your target market

What is now becoming the most effective way of reaching a large audience is through Search Engine video marketing, Social Media pay-per-click lead generation ads along with content marketing.     

Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tweeter, and SnapChat have become avenues for the mass to communicate and tools the public uses on an everyday basis.

  • As of May 25, 2016, Google received on average 2 trillion searches per year, and on average receives 2.3 million searches per second
  • Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly active users that spend on average an hour a day on their platform.

The data that each user generates is used by marketers and analysts to understand the consumer’s buyers persona and can be used to identify the exact stages the customers are in on the buyer’s journey diagram.

 Buyers Journey

The Buyers Journey can be defined as the process the buyer goes through before making a purchase. The data is used by marketers to enhance targeting methods making it more effective to reach the right audience at the right time. Thus it is essential for marketers and businesses to identify their target markets buyers personas and further segment their customers by what stage they are in the buyer’s journey.

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