Top 7 social media and search engine advertisements

Top 7 social media and search engine advertisements

There are many forms of digital advertisements marketers use to reach a targeted audience online. Thus it is essential that marketers analyze the businesses marketing objectives and select the right advertisement that fits your business advertising needs before launching the digital campaign.

Currently, the top 7 digital advertisements currently being used are the lead generation ads, brand awareness ads, website click ads, app install ads, video ads, conversion ads and call-only ads. Each type of advertisement requires strategic planning as they all have different objectives and will require stratgic technics to effectly reach the deifned goals.

Top 7 social media and search engine ads

  1. Lead Generation Ads enable a potential client to click on an ad and enter in their contact and personal information. This type of ad is used by marketers who are looking to encourage people to sign up or register for an event, newsletter, promotion, or offering.
  1. Brand Awareness Ads strategically designed to enable companies to promote their brand or products to people who are interested in their business. Marketers strategically place brand awareness ads in front of an audience the will most likely remember the brand that the ad belongs to. This type of ad is used by marketers to reach a wide audience of people who are interested in your businesses indusrty.
  1. Website Click Ads: Enable customers to visit your website  with one click. This advertisement is used to generate a consistent flow of traffic to your website orpromote a specific page on your website. When this type of ad is built correctly it will generate traffic to your website for about $0.03 per click.
  1. App Install Ads are strategically designed to increase the number of people who download your mobile application. This ad will direct the interest customer who clicks on the ad directly to the ad store. The most effective way of monitoring the as performance is to track the ads as conversions.
  1. Video Ads are designed to engage and capture your audiences attention. Marketers use videos ads to grab their audiences attention, create an emotion response with the viewer, increase perceived value of the brand, and provide clear direct information.
  1. Conversion Ads are similar to website click ads however the advertiser only pays when a action occurs, whether it is a page visit, sales, or registering for an event. Marketers effectively use Facebook pixels to create customer conversions based on the advertisements objective.
  1. Call-only Ads are designed to increase the number of phone call a business receives. Marketers use call ads to connect customers with  at the business which will shorten the sales funnel.

Using the two 7 digital advertisements effectively give your business a competitive advantage and enable your brand to reach the 4.2 billion active internet users.

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