Top 7 social media and search engine advertisements

Top 7 social media and search engine advertisements There are many forms of digital advertisements marketers use to reach a targeted audience online. Thus it is essential that marketers analyze the businesses marketing objectives and select the right advertisement that fits your business advertising needs before launching the digital campaign. Currently, the top 7 digital advertisements currently being used are the lead generation ads, brand […]

Lead Generation Marketing

Lead generation marketing is the process of obtaining your potential customer’s contact information using various online, on-air and on location marketing actives. One of the most popular and cost effective marketing activities used by marketers is Facebook lead generation advertisements. Facebook Lead Generation ads give businesses the opportunity to launch ads that encourage people to sign up or register for an event, newsletter, promotion, or […]

Reaching Your Target Market Online

Building a business in a digital world Around 40% of the world’s population has access to the internet with China, India, and the United States being the top three countries with the highest number of internet users. At any given time there are more than 3 billion global internets users accessing numerous websites, social media pages, mobile applications, watching videos, communicating and much more. According […]

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